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Playa de Las Americas Beach is a tourist Mecca built at the end of the 1960’s. It is adjacent to Los Christianos and the Adeje Coast locally know as Costa Adeje. Virtually free from the Canarian culture, it is a place where many people from northern Europe frequent throughout the year (higher in winter) due to its favorable geographic location and what some call eternal spring time. Recognized as a budget destination for some and up market for others, the now slang named Las Americas has been the primary destination for millions of European tourists for over 2 generations. Youngsters who came as adolescents who are now mothers and fathers have their sons and daughters visit Las Americas to repeat their youth and due to the safe and secure nature inspired by local authorities and local councils. Massive development has allowed Las Americas to constantly reinvent itself over the years from the heady booze and fun vacations of the 80´s to today’s pedestrian quarters lined with first rate hotels and restaurants. A mix and match setup that appears to appeal to all segments holidaymakers and vacationers alike.

With some streets full of British pubs, fish and chips restaurants, pizza parlors and other fast food establishments – it’s like being at home for Brits who are not keen on Spanish food and wish to spend the night in the best night places and enjoy the days at the beach taking a sleep after a party night. For the non British visitor areas such as Fañabe and Costa Adeje offer a more cosmopolitan air along with the 5 star hotels and luxurious shopping in areas such as El Duque.

Its sun and leisure activities make it a paradise for the young. Long strolls along the extensive pedestrian coast are an absolute must at sunset. Its lovely man-made beaches are always crowded and nights are full of lights and noise. Tops for weather year round Las Americas is a guaranteed destination for those looking for sun and true service throughout Europe’s colder months.

The dynamics of Playa De Las Americas and its continued renewal and refinement make it a destination to keep visiting even after a short time away for the dramatic changes that appear to follow trends dictated by the best European destinations.


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